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I used to have a longish bio written here (in the third person, no less) talking about high-minded art concepts and stuff about how I got glasses when I was nine. I've come to realize that most of that is kind of pointless.

Here's the thing - I like taking photos. I like taking a LOT of photos, of interesting people in interesting places, doing fun things. The fact that I get to do this as a JOB is kind of awesome and amazing, and I realize that I am incredibly lucky.

The fact that I can move around in a room full of a ton of people and cherry-pick moments in time that capture a little bit of who those people are…that's still pretty neat to me.

I think that life is imperfect and sometimes a little sideways and weird, and that's what makes things unique and worthwhile. The way you tilt your head when you look at your special dude or lady, that thing you do with your hands when you get flustered, the way your face lights up when you see your favorite person/cat/dog/walrus, etc…those are things that interest me. Perfect lighting, the proper pose, the photoshopped armpit - not so much.

I geek out a lot about cameras and lenses, and I like taking things apart to see how they tick. Also, the idea of a lobster wearing a sombrero is pretty hilarious, and I'd like to make that picture happen some day.

So hi there! I'm Patrick. I'm not your average photographer. Nice to meet you.